What is International Driving License?    

The international driving license is an international document that enables a holder to legally drive outside his country of residence worldwide. It is imperative for every traveler, regardless of his destination or purpose of travel, for business, study or vacation. An international driving license to be able to rent a car to drive around, or to drive his own car if he has taken it with him while traveling. Because it is difficult for every traveler to issue a local driving licenses in every country he visits, this was the main purpose of the United Nations law to issue an international driving license.


The International Driving License is proof that you have a valid local driving license in your country of residence, which proves that driving any vehicle is completely legal and is a means of protecting you in any incident while you are abroad. The International Driving License is recognized worldwide and is available in over 10 different languages to help overcome language barriers. The main function of the license booklet is to allow legal and other authorities in other countries to read your license in their own language.

Middle East Automobile & Tourism Club

The first and only locally licensed licensee, is a recognized and internationally recognized club for the issuance of an international driving license. It is one of several services offered by MAC to its customers worldwide. Over more than ten years of hard work, informed management, MAC has been able to spread and expand worldwide, through a number of regional and international branches as well as many authorized agents and distributors.


We are introducing the MACIDL in its new edition, complementing the development process and working to improve our services, and eager to achieve perfection in everything we offer our customers.

"Drive anywhere .. around the world"

We strive to be our slogon (Drive anywhere) as much as possible by developing our services and improving performance day by day.

With MACIDL, you will try a unique experience of scalability, speed and easy throughout applying the MACIDL, from the requesting to receiving your MACIDL, and the many features and offerings you will receive throughout the year once you are a member of the MAC.

Our Mission

We always seek strategic cooperation with professional partners from all areas of interest to the traveler, from consulates, travel agents, car renting, airline companies, hotels and clubs. The MACIDL is available to all customers everywhere and easily. Credibility is our principle, our flexibility is our motto, and the seriousness of dealing and credibility is the secret of our success.


Our Vision

We strive to be our motto (Drive anywhere) achieving maximum efficiency and quality by developing our services and improving performance. In order to achieve excellence in the fields of investment, development, automobile and tourism, we aim to give our customers and partners the same distinction in this field. That is our clear vision and our actual mission.

MiddleEast Automobile & Tourism Satisfied Customer
Receiving MAC IDL
MiddleEast Automobile & Tourism Satisfied Customer
Receiving MAC IDL
MiddleEast Automobile & Tourism Satisfied Customer
Receiving MAC IDL


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International Driving License - MACIDL

The Middle East Automobile and Tourism Club (MAC) is issuing an international driving license that enables people to drive in other countries without any language difficulties in accordance with the International Convention on Road Transport and International Road Safety Regulations, agreed upon in Geneva, 1923 and 1943 And 1968, and all decisions and updates made after these dates.

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