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Upload the most recent picture.
The picture must be scanned copy.


Local Driving License

Upload the valid Driving License.
The license must be scanned copy.



Upload the first page of the passport.
The passport must be scanned copy.



  • Applicant acknowledges the accuracy of the attached documents and their conformity to the assets.

  • The application must be filled out according to the attached passport information. The applicant is responsible for the data accuracy. MAC has the rights to modify the information according to the attached passport copy without any objection of the applicant.

  • All information must be filled in English only.

  • The applicant must choose the method of receiving the MAC-IDL International Driving License by express mail or the nearest MAC branches listed in the list of branches for each country and city.

  • If the applicant requests delivery by express mail, the full detailed address must be filled with area, street name, postal code, city, country. Delivery fees will be charged based on shipping company.

  • If the applicant requests delivery by express mail, the license will be issued within two business days from the date of the application if they meet the requirements i.e. the payment of the issuance fee, information & required documents. The delivery by express mail will be through the shipping companies contracting with the MAC within 3-10 working days Maximum post-release, depending on the applicant's location.

  • If the applicant requests to collect from one of MAC branches listed in the application, we will contact him within two business days from the date of applying, to visit the branch and receive his MAC-IDL International Driving License.

  • MAC reserves the right to refuse the application by the applicant in case of violation of any of the issuing conditions, or the lack or missing of clarity of the documents attached in the application.

  • The category of license issued is determined by the applicant's local driving license category, so it is so important to check the attached symbols for the required license category and match them with the category listed in the applicant's driving license.

  • MAC-IDL International Driving License is valid for one year starting from the date of issue.

  • There is NO case the applicant can refund the amount of the license after the issue, and the value cannot be refunded if there is an error in the data filled by him.